Designing the artwork of ‘Buried Alive’

Buried Alive ArtworkDesigning the artwork for a release is always a challenge, with so many choices and directions to choose from I honestly didn’t know where to start.

Initally the plan was to do a photo shoot and create the cover from one of those images with some text overlay, much like my previous releases.

So when I was doodling to battle boredom one day I didn’t expect that one of those drawing would turn into the artwork for ‘Buried Alive’. I’ve always loved to draw when I’m not making music or writing novels. It’s a fun creative outlet, but not one I do very often.









Earlier Drafts

The heart is what keeps us alive, physically and emotionally. The deep sense of connection with ourselves, the world and the people around us rests there. The purpose of ‘Buried Alive’ was to capture the sudden and immense feeling of loss created when that connection is severed unexpectedly. You feel lost, suffocated and buried under emotions you weren’t expecting to face.

It’s beating, but under stress. It’s alive, but struggling to stay so.

I wanted to capture this in the line drawings I created. From the living heart, to the barb wire suffocating it, the daisys you find on a grave to  hands of life and death, nothing is by coincidence.

While playing around with those concepts I also created a few drawings capturing the lyrics of the song. Partly done for promotion and partly done for the fun of it, these quick line drawings were a blast to create and share with everyone online. There’s a lot of anatomical imagery in the song which I enjoyed bring to life on the page.

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