Thank You For Listening!

You guys have been amazing and the response to ‘Buried Alive’ has been overwhelming. So I just wanted to give a few shootouts to those radio stations, fans and supporters who’ve made this release extra special!

#1 – Record the Resonance, Sydney


Big shout out to Ella at Record The Resonance for letting me chat about my songwriting and the importance of ‘Buried Alive’ in my development as an artist. It was lovely to have a chat over coffee one songwriter to another.

#2 – Roots & Branches, Adelaide

Cheers Michael Hunter and Three D Radio in Adelaide for being the first station to play Buried Alive on air!

#3 – Blank GC, Gold Coast

Thank you to the gang at Blank GC for always supporting everything I do. It was awesome to chat to you about the track and I’m stoked you guys enjoyed it. In an issue that is always packed thanks to BigSound, thank you so much for including my little song amongst so many of Australia’s best up and coming, and established artists.

#4 – Jolene: The Country Music Blog, Australia

Another lovely article on the release of my new single over on Jolene: The Countrhy Music Blog. Thank you for your kind words.

#5 – Everyone who has shared the lyric video, streamed on Spotify or bought from iTunes


A massive thanks goes to all of you who just showed up and supported this with everything you had! I’ve been blown away by the kind words from those of you who’ve connected with the song. The fact that you have listened and loved it enough to share with your friends and family too is amazing and for that I love you!

So thank you for listening, this is just the start of an exciting adventure. Great things are on the way so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on all the socials!

Until next time lovelies,



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